Self-Made Artist Academy Pay What You Can

We are confident in the value that SMAA provides our students and we also know that some artists are simply not in the position to invest in themselves financially the way they wish they could.

In alignment with our mission to inspire and empower, we are introducing a pay-what-you-can option to make the choice of investing in yourself and your arts business an even easier one.

If you'd like to learn more about the course, you can read about it here.

Choose the best option for you below to enroll in SMAA:

One-Time Payment Options

Three-Month Payment Options

Six-Month Payment Options

 Why Pay What You Can? Lettering Works is committed to providing accessible resources for growing and aspiring artists.


Note: We are offering this option in good faith. If you are able to invest the full price of the course, we do ask that you choose from one of our regular payment options here.

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