Learn Lettering with Chelsie Tamms

​​Go from frustrated scribbles to lovely lettering by understanding the basics of drawing letters.

What if I told you it's possible to learn lettering from the comfort of your own home? And that you don't need any fancy tools to learn the basics?

Lettering can be a fun hobby, addition to your existing art practice, or even the foundation for an entire business.

I’ll teach you a variety of tips and tricks to help you understand the basics of drawing letters and enable you to create your own beautiful hand-lettered artwork.

This virtual lettering course is adapted from the popular in-person workshops I taught for three years in Peoria. It comes filled with expanded lessons and examples that are sure to inspire you to get creating.

This course is specifically designed for beginners and hobbyists, but is also valuable for artists who want to incorporate lettering into their work.


No previous lettering experience or fancy tools needed to learn with me.


Learn Lettering with Chelsie Tamms will give you the foundation and inspiration you need to create lovely lettering of your own.

By the end of this program, you will have learned:

  • Difference between lettering + calligraphy

  • Creative process for lettered artwork

  • Methods to draw letters in different styles

  • Basics of faux calligraphy

  • Creative embellishing techniques

  • Lettering tools to consider purchasing

What our students have to say...


"Thanks for creating an amazing course. The content of the course was clear and precise. Looking forward to taking more courses in near future." - Sumedha, Learn Lettering with Chelsie Tamms student

"I have taken two workshops with Chelsie and each time she was knowledgeable, friendly, and very talented. Her lettering workshop was fun and informative. I had done some calligraphy in the past but Chelsie’s method is quite different (which is how she is able to create unique and amazing work." - Betsy, Lettering Workshop Attendee

It is such a pleasure to work with Chelsie Tamms and Lettering Works! Her hand lettering workshops at our studio, The Art Garage Studio and Gallery, were always fun and informational! (They would fill up so fast!) - Jessica, Workshop Host

Wonderful, fun, no pressure workshop. Very nice and I learned some things! - Colleen, Lettering Workshop Attendee

Hey there! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Chelsie - a business-savvy lettering artist, designer, and educator.

Since starting my business Lettering Works in 2016, I’ve created art products (like greeting cards and stickers), designed murals, worked on large-scale campaigns, taught lettering and branding workshops, and even self-published two books. My work is sold in local gift shops around Chicago and Peoria including the Field Museum, Chicago History Museum, Peoria International Airport, and Wrigleyville Sports.

After teaching countless lettering workshops, I am excited to translate lots of lettering knowledge into this new online course format. I hope taking things virtual increases accessibility and you enjoy learning this new way with me.

Ready to learn lettering?

I can't wait to share my passion with you.

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Explore What's Inside:
All 6 self-paced lessons outlined below come with videos, PDF guides, and worksheets

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hand Lettering

You’ll learn…

  • The difference between lettering and calligraphy
  • The value of starting with the basics
  • The supplies you'll need for this course
  • The importance of practice with lettering

Lesson 2: The Creative Process

You’ll learn…

  • The seven steps of Chelsie's creative process for lettering (that you can use too!)
  • The importance of a flexible and experimental mindset when creating hand lettered artwork

Lesson 3: Drawing Letters Basics

You’ll learn…

  • 2 Methods of Drawing Letters
  • The importance of working from general to specific
  • Tips for exploring different styles
  • How to add shadows and depth to your lettering

Lesson 4: Faux Calligraphy Basics

You’ll learn…

  • How to simulate calligraphy with your lettering
  • How to apply the concepts of faux calligraphy to non-cursive lettering
  • How to add shadows and depth to your faux calligraphy

Lesson 5: Embellishing Your Letters

You’ll learn…

  • How to embellish your letters with additional detail and flourishes 
  • Creative ways to add meaning to your lettering

Lesson 6: Lettering Tools

You’ll learn…

  • About a variety of lettering tools that you can explore purchasing if you'd like to go further with lettering as a hobby or business

Note: No fancy tools are needed to participate in this course!

Learn Lettering with Chelsie Tamms is already jam-packed with tons of valuable information. 
I’m including three bonus lessons to provide even more value and lettering knowledge...

Bonus Lesson 1: Vectorizing Simple Black + White Lettering in Adobe Illustrator

Bonus Lesson 2: Lettering a Quote

Bonus Lesson 3: Lettering in Shapes

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Together we’ll take you from frustrated scribbles to lovely lettering by understanding the basics of drawing letters.

Still thinking about it?

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re ready to learn some lettering!

I personally cannot wait to share one of my greatest passions with you and see what you create as a result of your participation in the course.

Let's get lettering!
Chelsie Tamms


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